Energy Solutions Pvt. LtdTo market and target relevant segments via various marketing strategies Loading… Taking too long? Reload …2020/11/18Capstone Projects2020-11-18 10:56:11
KNSTo understand and research category dynamics of Chartered Accountancy Program2020/06/03Capstone Projects2020-06-03 11:09:25
Toddlers and CoTo build brand awareness, enhance brand image and improve profitability.2020/05/17Capstone Projects2020-05-17 11:26:49
AK Marketing (AK Galleria)Research and Investigation on the E-Commerce Dynamics2020/05/10Capstone Projects2020-05-10 11:05:32
Sybrid (Private) Limited – A Lakson Group Company2020/04/30Capstone Projects2020-04-30 16:33:45
Al-Habib PharmaceuticalsTo enable the candidate to know the real life examples of the business world and …2020/04/29Capstone Projects2020-04-29 10:43:42
Detailed analysis of Government borrowings availed from Banking Industry of Pakistan as well as Middle eastern countriesResearch on identifying the gap that exist in Government borrowing availed through conventional and Islamic …2020/04/27Capstone Projects2020-04-27 12:28:52
Akhuwat FoundationAkhuwat Brand image and Market Outreach.2020/04/22Capstone Projects2020-04-22 10:36:26
Silk SourceDeveloping Trade Network and Source Store.2020/03/06Capstone Projects2020-03-06 10:32:21
Vini cosmetics PakistanTo understand the category and complete market dynamics of deodorant category.2020/03/05Capstone Projects2020-03-05 11:20:26